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Tactical Solar® Panels

Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI) offers Tactical Solar Panels to generate power for your mobile electric power and battery charging applications. Incorporating Solid State, Thin-Film, Solar Cells, these power packs provide an excellent choice for applications that require lightweight, flexible, durable, silent power.

Energy Technologies offers a range of solar-energized panels for your mobile power generation needs:

Rollable Solar Panels
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Rugged Solar Panels

Solar Panel Features:


Easy Transport and Storage. Each Tactical Solar Panel consists of multiple mini cells connected in a foldable design for optimal convenience. Easily stored in a backpacks, clothing pockets, or briefcases.

Quick Deployment

Simply unfold in the sun and attach the power connection and Tactical Solar Panel immediately starts to provide power.


Unique flexible substrate combined with tough tear and rip resistant nylon material creates robust a solar panel. Having holes cut, punctured, or shot through the solar cells reduces the surface area available to charge, but the unit can continue to operate.

Silent Operation

Effective power generation without noisy moving parts to draw attention.

Daisy Chainable

ETI's Solar Panels can be parallel and/or series connected for increased output wattage or voltage configurations. Create the configuration needed for your application.

Wide Thermal Operating Range

ETI's Tactical Solar Panels operate from -40°C to 80°C temperature range, and are less impacted by temperature extremes than other types of solar panels.

Weatherproof & UV Resistant

Multilayer construction seals out the environment for lasting operation and protection.

Anti-Glint Coating

Eliminates reflection, reducing detectability.


Tactical Solar Panels continue to power under overcast skies. When connected to batteries, the surplus stored energy can be used at nighttime. The Solar Panels can be used as thermal shading blankets to keeps batteries cooler during daytime charging. Grommets allow the panel to be tied down to hood, roof, tents, etc.

Stable Over Time

Reliable performance continues for many years, unlike other photovoltaic materials that can rapidly decline with use.

Environmentally Smart

"Green" energy from a renewable power resource.

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