Tactical Solar Charging Systems

Tactical Solar® Charging Systems

Energy Technologies offers a range of charging systems to ensure your panels provide reliable regulated power without peaks or sags in current. Our family of Tactical Suitcases and Briefcases are available in numerous configurations to meet your applications power requirements. We also provide Custom Solar Solutions for clients with special power needs.

Solar Briefcase™ I

ETI's mini portable solar power solution: our small, light-weight system.
  • 110 Watts Output Power from two Tactical Solar Panels which store in the case.
  • Built-in Charge Controller to charge external batteries or provide 12 or 24 VDC output directly to electronic equipment
  • Can charge Lead Acid, Li-Ion, NiCad, NiMH & other types of rechargeable batteries.
  • Available with global charge & power adapters and cables
  • Can operate in harsh environments with the lid closed on its water proof case
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Solar Briefcase I

Solar Briefcase™II

Same as Solar Briefcase I but includes an internal battery module
  • Provides power storage capability
  • Increased continuity of operation for variations in sunlight and/or night conditions.
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Solar Briefcase II

Solar Briefcase™ III

Same as Solar Briefcase II but also includes a DC to AC Inverter for true sinewave output
  • Allows use of AC/DC power adapters
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Solar Case III

Solar Briefcase™ IV

Same as Solar Briefcase III with the added feature of multiple DC outputs:
  • DC/DC converter for multiple DC Outputs: 3.3, 5, 12, 18, 24 VDC available
  • Eliminates the need for power adapters
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Solar Case IV

Solar Suitcase™ I A more powerful version of Solar Briefcase IV:
  • Includes 6 Solar Panels for 3X the power: up to 330 watts!
  • Built into our tactical carry-on luggage case w wheels & pop up handle.
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Solar Suitcase 1
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