Tactical Solar Tents - 1900 Watt ETI Part# ETI0021-0052

Tactical Solar® Tents

Portable Power Pack - 190 Watt
ETI Part # ETI0021-0052

Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI)'s Tactical Solar Tents provide 190 Watts of solar power to recharge a bank of batteries, and also provide shade from the sun to reduce solar heat load and protection from rain. Fits over standard field shelters or drapes over other structures or vehicles, or stretches out on the ground. These shelters incorporate

Solid State, Thin-Film, Solar Cells, providing an excellent choice for applications that require lightweight, flexible, durable, silent power.


Recharge a bank of batteries to provide power for lighting, ventilation, field communication radios, satellite phones, laptops, GPS units, etc.

Product Integration:

Combined with ETI's line of Solar Charging Systems, it can provide 110 or 120 VAC for extended periods.

190 Watt Solar Field Shelter

The TacticalSolar® Tent Chargers can be used in several ways:

  • It supports rapid deployment and remote locations with quick solar electric power generation.
  • Silent Operation
  • No Heat Signature
  • Reduces risk and cost of logistical support
  • Reduces reliance on extra batteries

  • Features:
  • Integrates lightweight, rugged TacticalSolar® flexible solar panels directly with fabric.
  • Field Shelter designed for easy & quick set-up.
  • Features the same rugged PVC-coated tan fabric standard on other field shelters.
  • Non-reflective solar panels with matte finish.
  • Available in various fabrics and colors.

Expected Lifetime:
This product is expected to last as long as tents without the integrated solar technology.

190 watt close ups

Product Specifications
Electrical Characteristics *
Product Number
Nominal System Voltage Rating
12 V (24 V version avail.)
Nominal Rated Power (Watts) at STC
Nominal Rated Current (amps)
Dimensions and Weight
Length, feet (meters)
8' (2.4384)
Width, feet (meters)
9.5' (2.8956)
Length, inches (mm)
16" (406.4)
Width, inches (mm)
58" (1473.2)
Thickness w Laminate & Adhesive, inches
15 mils
Cube (cu. ft.)
2.2" (.6706)

* Operating voltage and current at AM 1.5. Power performance may vary +/- 10% due to temperature variation, spectral variation, and related effects.

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