Tactical Solar Tents - 2 Kilowatts ETI Part# ETI0021-0055

Tactical Solar® Tents

Portable Power Pack - 2 Kilowatts
ETI Part # ETI0021-0055

Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI)'s Tactical Solar Tents provide 2 Kilowatts of solar power to recharge a bank of batteries, and also provide shade from the sun to reduce solar heat load up to 80-90%. Also protects from rain. Fits over standard field shelters: MGPTS Medium, TEMPER Medium, ISO Storage, Airbeam, or drapes over other structures or vehicles, or stretches out on the ground. These shelters incorporate

Solid State, Thin-Film, Solar Cells, providing an excellent choice for applications that require lightweight, flexible, durable, silent power.


Recharge a bank of batteries to provide power for lighting, ventilation, field communication radios, satellite phones, laptops, GPS units, etc.

Product Integration:

Combined with ETI's line of Solar Charging Systems, it can provide 110 or 120 VAC for extended periods.

2 Kilowatts Solar Field Shelter

The TacticalSolar® Tent Chargers can be used in several ways:

  • It supports rapid deployment and remote locations with quick solar electric power generation.
  • Silent Operation
  • No Heat Signature
  • Reduces risk and cost of logistical support
  • Reduces reliance on extra batteries

  • Features:
  • Integrates lightweight, rugged TacticalSolar® flexible solar panels directly with fabric.
  • Field Shelter designed for easy & quick set-up.
  • Features the same rugged PVC-coated tan fabric standard on other field shelters.
  • Non-reflective solar panels with matte finish.
  • Available in various fabrics and colors.
Expected Lifetime:

This product is expected to last as long as tents without the integrated solar technology.

1 kW close ups
Product Specifications
Electrical Characteristics *
Product Number
Nominal System Voltage Rating
12 V (24 V version avail.)
Nominal Rated Power (Watts) at STC
2 kW
Nominal Rated Current (amps)
Dimensions and Weight
Length, feet (meters)
40' (12.192)
Width, feet (meters)
22' (6.7056)
Height, feet (meters)
12' (3.6576)
Stake Pattern feet (meters)
50' x 39' (15.24 x 11.89)
Weight (approx.)
1699 lbs.

* Operating voltage and current at AM 1.5. Power performance may vary +/- 10% due to temperature variation, spectral variation, and related effects.

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